Young Chicago Artist Attains National Prominence

A young local artist who grew up in the Bronzeville section of the Windy City, with no formal training in art, has just recently gained popularity in the art world. At just thirty-two years of age, Hebru Brantley has come to the gain national recognition for his paintings. His paintings have been to art lovers and admirers everywhere, many of his works have been purchased by national celebrities like rapper Jay Z.

His humility belies his towering six-foot eight-inch stature. While success and celebrity have come to young Brantley, he has never lost the focus of his vision of the love of art. His works are stark and thought-provoking with fluid colors that seem to flow one into the other. Despite the fluidity, however, the vision of a piece seems to stand out with little question as to the meaning of a piece.

He recalls that his mother had faith in him since he was a young boy. She had a fervent belief that he would be important and famous. Thus, he says, his unusual name. His mother felt an unusual name should be attached to an unusual person. He remarks that his success has been attributed to the wide spectrum of admirers who purchase his work. They all come from different backgrounds and economic conditions. He is humbled by how many people are moved by his art.

He seizes inspiration wherever it may show itself. He sees the current art world as one of constant evolution and sees a spectrum of admirers who are interested in all aspects of art. The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany greatly appreciates the fine work that Hebru Brantley has contributed to the art world. We also feature a number of extremely talented artists that deserve recognition. View our impressive gallery here!