Women’s Athletics Make Iconic Images

Julie Rotblatt-Amrany draws on science to inspire her work; she brings attention to energy waves that activate all forms of life that are never static. Utilizing her intuitive understanding of space and interconnections, Julie sculpts the human figure so that it appears to be in motion. The viewer clearly sees the subject’s musculature and grace. One has the feeling that the sculpture is alive and is drawn into the action.

Julie truly understands her subject when sculpting. She spends time researching the subject’s life story and reviewing photos and videos, while also building the personal history into her subject’s sculpture depiction. With sports figures, such as David Beckham, capturing the intensity of play and achievement is paramount in designing a work.

Women Athletes are Storming the World

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a shining example of women’s beauty and athleticism. 2019 marks the eighth time for the quadrennial Women’s World Cup. With each country having a squad of 23, over 550 women athletes competed this year. Congratulations to the US Women’s National Team on their exciting and record-breaking fourth Cup!


congratulations to the US Women's National Team


In 2028, the XXXIV Olympiad will make its home in Los Angeles, California, marking the third time the Summer Olympics will be held in the City of Angels. The year was 1900 when the first women, 22 in all, competed in the games. 2012 marked the first year that every nation had women representing them. The list of achievements for women in sport continues whether it be summer or winter sports.

Commission the Next Female Athlete Artwork

Julie’s commission sculptures cover quite a range including astronauts, academics, engineers, and athletes. She finds that most sports commissions tend to be for male athletes. With women excelling on the world stage, Julie welcomes the opportunity to sculpt women athletes. Take a moment to look at the portfolio of Julie’s work and that of the Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany/Timeless Creations, Inc. at www.rotblattamrany.com. You’ll find a link to Julie’s fine artwork there as well.