Warhol’s Mystique Continues as Painting May Bring in $60 Million

The legend and mystique of Andy Warhol continues to dazzle. Coming up on the auction block is his 1962 Coca-Cola poster which experts state could bring in as much as $60 million. The black and white painting stands nearly six feet tall and depicts nothing more than a Coke bottle and the Coca-Cola logo. Yet, despite the seemingly mundane depiction, it heads to Christy’s and looks to draw some substantial bids.

Warhol, who died in 1987, ventured into the art world when he decided to abandon a lucrative, and quite successful, career as an illustrator. The mythical 1960’s seemed to inspire his work as he attempted to fuse art with the cult of personality and with the new visions leaking from Madison Avenue. Warhol was unabashedly self promotional as well as experimental. Everything was fair game for him to try from line drawing, to silk screening, to brilliant paintings that screamed brightness and color.

The working class kid from Pittsburgh began to show some of his commercial art work during the 1950’s prior to his morphing into the noted artist he became. His paintings of large amounts of everyday things from soup cans, to electric chairs, to dollar bills, somehow became all the rage yet it was his portraits that, perhaps, brought him his lasting fame. His paintings of such celebrity icons as Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, and Marilyn Monroe were startling displays of light and color. They were portraits unlike any other portraits ever painted.

Andy Warhol’s works remain immensely popular and Warhol was the art world’s largest and best seller for 2012.

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