Van Gogh Unleashed at the Nation’s Capitol

The swirls and brilliant colors of Vincent Van Gogh are currently on display at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. It is the first major showing of Van Gogh’s work in nearly two decades. The show was coordinated by the Cleveland Museum of Art and they will present the Van Gogh show in the early spring of next year. The Phillips Collection showing will run through the tail end of January 2014.

Phillips Collection director, Dorothy Kosinski sees Van Gogh in, perhaps, a different light than most. In his decade long career, Van Gogh seemed to return to certain themes and tableaus and Kosinski does not see the hurried and frantic brushwork that many a critic has attributed to Van Gogh’s work.

Instead, she sees his work as thoughtful and painstaking. She remarks that many think because of his psychological struggles that he did not properly see and represent his vision. Kosinski thinks that the exhibit will offer the art viewing public the opportunity to be totally immersed in Van Gogh’s psyche and creative release.

The showing has been set up to specifically try to understand Van Gogh’s development as an artist as many of the works hang in an order that would reveal such an inner process of creation in a chronological order. Many have commented that Van Gogh had used his swirls of color to reflect inner emotion and a certain harmony in the human condition that remains universal to everyone.

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