Unusual Art Exhibit Arrives in London

unusual london art

It is a most unusual art exhibit to say the least. Geoffrey Harrison, a figurative style painter from Manchester, England will bring a 25 painting show to the Bart’s Pathology Museum in London in August. The paintings are based on medical anatomical parts of the body and will focus primarily on such things as the tongue, brain and heart.

His work has, apparently, been inspired by the greater than 5,000 specimens that make up this most bizarre of museums. Apparently, CNN actually went out and compiled a list of the World’s Weirdest Medical Museums and Bart’s was actually the only British museum to make this curious list.

Harrison grew up with parents who were illustrators for the medical profession. He remembers being surrounded by visions of body parts in addition to flesh and death. Harrison, however, envisions his work as being far more than simply paintings of hearts and feet and brains. Harrison declares that his work can be seen as representing the constant tension that he believes exists between the pragmatic and the emotional.

Harrison lived and worked in Japan for several years before returning to his native England. He works in collaboration with several organizations including the Museum of London and the Royal College of Art where he has taught seminars and conducted workshops.