Unique Sculptures Wanders Their Way to the Windy City

A new, and unique, artistic display has recently gone on view at Grant Park in Chicago. The work is entitled “Borders” and was created by Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir of Iceland. There are 26 life sized sculptures of human like figures cast in bronze and aluminum. The display can be seen in the Solti Garden section of Grant Park and will remain on display until the spring of next year.

Ms. Thórarinsdóttir has been a practicing artist for over three decades and has studied in Italy and in England. Her work has been displayed all over the world and she has recently completed a sculpture that stands over twenty-five feet tall and rests in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen.

Ms. Thórarinsdóttir sees the Borders figures as not being invasive but welcoming. She envisions that people can interact with them if they choose. They must simply cross over the “border” and engage with the sculptures. She chose both the bronze and the aluminum to reflect her vision of duality in the condition of human nature. She sees the work as a chance for people to think about what separates us as well as what brings us together as a species.

The display will feature groupings of two beings; one in aluminum and one in bronze as the vision of duality plays out. In many other cities such as New York and Dallas, people seemed to have crossed those borders when they approach the figures. Many have simply sat next to them on a park bench while others have actually offered the figures a genuine and heart felt hug.

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