Two New Gallery Bars Open in Downtown Chicago

Two all new art gallery bars have opened in downtown Chicago. One is the River North Gallery Bar located at 738 North Clark and the other is Fame at 2015 West Division Street.

The Gallery Bar has a rotating stock that will feature all new pieces every month. There seems to be no overriding theme and each piece can be enjoyed separately without having to link it to any others. All of the pieces are by local artists and are for sale. You need only inform the bartender and arrangements can be made to buy a favorite piece.

The Fame offers a far more different approach and taste. Much of the area is take up with poster art and starkly beautiful black and white photographs. Most of the workers at the Fame are artists besides being bartenders and servers. Many sculpture or create jewelry and the menus list the other type of art that is available to patrons. The entire focus of the room, however, remains the stunning wall length mural done by a New York artist named Aiko who has an established reputation as a street artist. She was recently chosen, in conjunction with Louis Vitton, to repaint that city’s legendary Bowery Mural.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany is pleased to see these gallery bars flourishing in Chicago. We have many fantastic gallery pieces of our own! Check them out here.