The Walls of Kathmandu Are Awash With Murals

The walls of the legendary city of Kathmandu are now awash with color. No longer are the eyes of passersby assaulted with crude and chaotic walls that had been previously adorned with gauche posters and advertising flyers. Now, the walls of Nepal’s capital city are bright and vibrant with giant murals, some ranging as massive as twenty-five feet high.

The project, entitled Kolor Kathmandu, will feature 60 artists painting and incredible 75 murals throughout the city. A book is planned that will feature full-color photographs of every mural in the city. The themes of the many murals range from political commentary and awareness to the abstract and avant-garde to religious concepts. Many of the murals have taken a couple of weeks to paint and, thus far, vandalism has not reared its ugly head.

Another goal of the project is to introduce Kathmandu citizens to the rest of their country. There are 75 districts throughout the country of Nepal and each mural hopes to depict a slice of life from each of the districts. The artists hail from over twenty countries and the project’s founder, Yuki Poudyal, was greatly influence by the time he spent in America. He studied sociology for five years in New York and was extremely affected by the street art of many of America’s great cities. He hoped he could bring some of that spirit and inspiration back with him to his native Nepal and his beloved Kathmandu.

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Source: GMA News