Street Art Admired Around the World

Street art and graffiti art can be everywhere and the level of accomplishment can vary widely. However, there are some locations around the world where street art has elevated itself to true art. Street art began to appear in America around the turn of the Twentieth Century and has flourished throughout the country ever since. It seemed to have found a home more in the vibrancy of our great cities that in the quieter and static suburbs.

The origins of the art form began to appear early in the century throughout Latin America and eventually made its debut on the tumultuous streets of Los Angeles. Yale University has recently released an entire volume dedicated to the great street art of the world. The volume is entitled The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti and it is quickly becoming the reference work to go to when fans seek to explore this unique genre.

While the publishers have brought together over one hundred artists in this slick volume, there are certain places and cities in the world where the art has taken on legendary proportions. Here are just a few of the place you need to visit:

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