Startling Giant Head Planters Come to Chicago’s Sidewalks

Giant heads have come to the sidewalks of Chicago and they are, perhaps, the most unique flower planters anywhere. The sculptures stand at eleven feet and there are over a dozen of them dispersed along the lower end of Michigan Avenue. More unique still is their ability to retain rainwater and thus be able to actually water themselves. All of the flowers located in the planters were donated by area individuals and businesses.

The structures are made from recycled concrete, steel and aluminum as the theme of the art remains the sustainability of the planet’s environment. On the back of the sculptures pedestrians can ponder ideas for living a more “greener” lifestyle. The planters will adorn Michigan Avenue until the end of August and people can buy small replicas of the planters at any Walgreen’s pharmacy. The replicas are manufactured by Chia Pets with all proceeds from the sales going to benefit the SGA Children and Family Services organization of Chicago.

The project was created and initiated by the Chicago based nonprofit Plant Green Idea RRR. The organization is dedicated to environmental sustainability and the promotion of a lifestyle that will help achieve that aim.

The project is yet another in the cutting edge mission of such cities as Chicago to bring art directly to the people and to offer exposure for local artists.

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Source: Conde Nast Taveller