The Starkness of Madeyski Now Showing in Lake Forest

He was born in Poland and trained as an architect. His name is Wojciech Madeyski and he currently works and lives in Highland Park. His paintings are vibrant with a starkness that forces the viewer to step back for a more concerned and serious interpretation. He has a show of 40 of his paintings now going on until September 27 in Lake Forest at the Re-invent Gallery.

The name of the show is Citiscapes and much of his inspiration has come from his adopted Windy City. Gallery owner Kristin Mikrut and Cecilia Lanyon opened the gallery last year and came across Madeyski by way of a phone call. The artist had called them and asked if they would care to see his work and possibly show it. The two curators looked at his stunning portfolio and immediately knew they would show it.

While working as an architect, Madeyski contracted Parkinson’s disease. The affliction prevented him from practicing his craft so he turned to his true love, painting. He soon adapted to the Parkinson’s by using a pallet knife and enamels. His vision can be stark, even bleak, but the colors and the movement are vibrant and flowing. His vision comes from his experiences in Warsaw during the Second World War. As a child, he saw the devastation that the war had brought yet also bore witness as Warsaw struggled to rebuild itself from the rubble.

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Source: Barrington Courier-Review