Unknown Facts of the Wondrous Taj Mahal

taj mahal

One of the most legendary constructions on the planet remains the immensely impressive Taj Mahal. It is the burial tomb for Moghul King and Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaaz. Here, however, are some curious facts about this most curious and mysterious structure.

The architecture gathers inspiration from all over the world and it contains Islamic, Persian, and Asian influences.

The structure is a monument to rounded smoothness and symmetry and the mighty pillars gathered around the tomb were erected on a slant away from the structure. The thinking was that if an earthquake should arrive, the massive pillars would collapse and fall away from the gigantic tomb.
Over one thousand elephants were used for transport and it took twenty years and over twenty thousand laborers to complete the building.
The building actually changes color during a twenty-four hour period. It will appear to be a yellow-gold color at night with the moonlight hitting hit it, white during daylight, and will look pink during the early hours of dawn.
In today’s money, the Taj Mahal would have been erected at a cost of over one billion dollars. The tomb is built of white marble with inlay of precious stones. There are 28 varieties of precious stones ingrained within the white marble.
The emperor was so intent on his tomb being the only one in the world like it that he ordered that every worker that worked on the project have their hands cut off so that no one would very be able to build another Taj Mahal.