The Studio has created an atmosphere in which artists can benefit from the interchange of ideas within a community of artists who freely explore their own directions. The facility provides space and equipment to work in all types of materials including stone, wood, clay, drawing, and painting. The is the premise for the School within the Studio that has become known as the Colony.

Approximately 30 artists are actively engaged as students of the Colony. Two and three-dimensional experimentation is encouraged. Students explore different materials and integrate them by adapting industrial production processes and technological applications allowing them to create unique works of art. The Studio does some of its own mold making and resin casting and works with outside vendors for casting and fabrication in a variety of materials including bronze and other metals, fiberglass and resins, electroforming, combining other materials such as stone, metal, and glass into their work.

The School offers workshops in various aspects of art creation including life drawing with live models, sculpting techniques, finishing techniques and the implications of new technology and materials in sculpting seminars. Posting of these workshops will appear in the News as they become available. Feel free to contact us to be added to our email list for notification of upcoming workshops and seminars.


To create art is a major passion in my life; It stems from an inner need to express feelings, thoughts, emotions, and concepts unknown to our daily concerns. The creative search is to explore the unconscious, to feed the soul, and share this with mankind; it is my contribution to the world. My husband and I wanted to start a school/studio that would set up the scenario for others to learn and create as well, what was born was a co-op of artists helping create an avenue of exchange.

Julie R. Amrany

I was brought up to look at society and all humans on earth and the universe, assessing it with emotional and logical perspective. I sought to understand what our future role was in society based on our past and my values of life justice, peace, equality and doubt. This seeking of understanding became my direction for creating a better society for all times.
This is what led me to figurative sculpture as a linguistic in the Arts meshing itself in many different ways to recognizing the past, present and future. Melding this linguistic concept I have sought to create a montage of life through figurative sculpture that brings together different materials and technologies to create new results.

Omri Amrany