Russian Art Show in Venice May Not be Russian at All

A new exhibition of Russian avant-garde art in Venice may offer the hosts of the event a bit of a challenge. Over 100 pieces of Russian art will be on display and will have come from just two Italian collections. It does appear as if the show, staged to display the varied and unique faces of Russia, may be less than it is billed to be.

Apparently, Russian avant-garde is a genre known for its forgeries. Many apparent experts in Russian painting are immediately suspicious of a work that was never shown during the artist’s life. The show is being billed as an opportunity to view these paintings for the first time.

Two of the works have already garnered suspicious attention. One is a work by Kandinsky called Composition and it is said to have been completed in 1919. However, the Paris based Kandinsky Society does not list the work in the artist’s catalog and they seem puzzled by it all. In addition, a Marc Chagall entitled Girl with Goat is being shown and is noted to have been painted in 1911. Chagall experts, however, have publicly called the piece a forgery and an obvious forgery at that.

Other commentary has also surfaced regarding other artists and other works intended for the show. These organizations have stated that they would be shocked if any of the pieces were actual works attributed to the artist. The organizers seem unfazed. They have stated that validity and authenticity is not a major concern for them.

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