Rockefeller Collection Being Shown all Year

Nelson Rockefeller had been an enthusiast and avid collector of primitive art for most of his life despite the fact that many museums did not take the form all that seriously. Especially the legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Anything pre-Columbian or primitive never received open arms there.

Until this year; Beginning this month, and lasting until October of 2014, the museum will feature over 50 works of art from Nelson Rockefeller’s collection of primitive art from Oceana, pre-Columbian America, and Africa. It will be hosted in the Rockefeller wing of the museum. The show is highlighting the 60th year of the Museum of Primitive Art. The museum was founded by Nelson Rockefeller as a place in which he could reveal his collection to the art loving world.

Rockefeller began his avid collecting on his honeymoon in 1930 when he snagged an ancient Hawaiian bowl. Being a member of one of the world’s wealthiest families allowed Rockefeller to travel extensively and discover treasure troves of forgotten civilizations and their art.

The museum hopes that it has finally embraced Rockefeller’s vision and that this exhibition will be a stepping stone to the wider showing of such artifacts.

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