Reinventing the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is usually all about tradition.  But by reinventing the tree and thinking outside the box, you can make it into something that better represents what the holidays mean to you.

Want to make the Christmas tree entirely unique and all your own?  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Get creative with cardboard.  Who says that a holiday tree has to closely resemble a tree at all?  With an old cardboard box and an X-acto knife, you can create the tree of your dreams, ready to decorate with ornaments and garland.  Don’t have the time to design it?  Ikea sells a cardboard tree pre-made for decorating.

2. Get two-dimensional.  There’s no need to have a three-dimensional tree in your home.  Using tape, butcher paper and paint, or even pom-poms, you can create a unique tree for all to admire on your wall.  And with Velcro tape available, you can attach even hefty ornaments to your wall’s Christmas tree.

3. Recycle it.  Want to create a one-of-a-kind tree while helping the environment?  Create a tree using recycled materials.  Around the world, trees are being made out of reused materials, from plastic forks to Mountain Dew cans.  Give it a personal twist by creating a tree out of postcards, invitations, and cards from friends.

Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be boring and predictable.  By using some creativity and innovation, your tree can become a reflection of you. Check out the gallery of Rotblatt-Amrany for even more ideas and creative works of art.