Recalling Warhol’s Interpretation of the Legendary Munch

Back in 1984, noted artist Andy Warhol decided that he would veer away somewhat from what he had normally produced. Most of his magical art conceptualized celebrities of the time yet he was never above using the form for the advancement of pop culture.

However, 1984 was a turning point in Warhol’s career as he tackled some of the most noteworthy paintings of all time and attempted to bring a certain Warhol style and interpretation to them. The legendary Norwegian Edward Munch had painted some of the most memorable works of all time and Warhol wanted a crack at them.

He took on The Scream, Self Portrait, Madonna, and The Brooch.Eva Mudocci. Warhol immediately got to work using his famous swirls of neon color and screen printing techniques. When all was done, all of these famous Munch creations did, indeed, now have the unique Warhol touch to them.

While historians seem to find Warhol and Munch at opposite ends of the personality spectrum, they were quite similar in many ways. Perhaps the most pronounced of those similarities was one in which both artists took extraordinary steps to promote their work and to be in control of how their work was shown and sold. Their lasting legends do seem to paint them at far corners from one another. Munch the brooding recluse and Warhol the celebrity and fame gigolo. However, as their art reflects, both men were closer in spirit than history has given them credit for.

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