Rauschenberg Foundation: Changing the World Through Art

When you think of an artist leaving a legacy, you may think of the artwork he or she created through the years.  But some artists are leaving behind more than just canvases and sculptures.  Their legacies are foundations that were created to promote art or better the world in general.  One such artist was Robert Rauschenberg.

Rauschenberg was an artist and graphic designer that anticipated the pop art movement with his early pieces.  Most famous for his “Combines”, he focused on painting and sculpture, while dabbling in photography, printmaking, and performance.  He won many awards in his more than 40 years of art-making until he finally succumbed to heart failure in 2008.

But before he passed, he created the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation (RRF) to let his vision of art changing the world live on.  The RRF focuses its efforts in the areas that were close to Rauschenberg’s heart:  art, world peace, the environment, and humanitarianism.  Here are two of the specific programs through the RRF that are making the world a better place.

1. World-Changing Grants. 

When Rauschenberg created the RRF, he wanted to give money to organizations that aligned with his ideals of art changing the world.  Now the foundation regularly gives grants to organizations invested in advancing the arts and bringing human services to those in need.  Money also goes to several organizations that bring art education to children with special needs, a cause that was close to dyslexic Rauschenberg’s heart.

2. Rauschenberg Residency. 

Although Rauschenberg often called NYC home, he created an idyllic artists’ haven on a tiny island in Florida where he invited and worked with great artists of his time.  His twenty-acre estate on Captiva Island has now been transformed into space where artists can come for a one-month residency to work, explore, and collaborate with others.  While there, the artists discover how they can transform the world through art.

Choosing the life of an artist is often a struggle.  A struggle to work, to find a vision, to grow.  But this Rauschenberg found success and continues to change the world with his vision, even after his death.  His efforts expand people’s minds of how art can make the world into something better.

Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt & Amrany also believes in changing the world through art and collaboration.  Visit our website and see all of the wonderful works of art our studio artists have created through the years. Learn more about the Rauschenberg Legacy here.