Tribute to George Halas

This bas-relief monument is a timeline tribute to George Halas and his contribution to the world of football and the history of the Chicago Bears. Fragments of time have been brought together to formulate a composition. The structure is held together with emanating lines to design and reflect Halas’ energy, enthusiasm, and direction; lines which also represent the clock ticking forward or backward, for time does not only move in linear fashion.


The monument is comprised of a 26 ½’ x 15 3/8’ wide 11,500 lbs granite wall, white bronze figures on black absolute granite with laser-etched imagery.  Halas is an 8-foot figure along with 8 other legends of the Chicago Bears. A timeline, one famous player from each decade: Red Grange, Sid Luckman, Bill George, Bronco Nagurski, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, and Walter Payton.


The laser-etched imagery shows the team in the 1920’s – also Halas and his team celebrating the 1940’s win against the Washington Redskins, fan images from Wrigley Field, a photo of Halas with George Jr. and Paddy Driscol, and a fan grouping from the 1980’s. Integrated into the composition is the famous “T” formation that George Halas invented.


Julie Rotblatt Amrany


Chicago Bears


Soldiers Field


White Bronze, Granite and Laser Etching


26 1/2'H x 15 3/8'W