Quest for Exploration: James A. Lovell

This piece is a contemporary sculpture installation incorporating both figurative elements and symbolic forms. It is constructed of bronze, granite, steel and glass. Captain James Lovell’s figure floats in the lunar module above the moon’s surface, which is laser-etched on a tilted black granite base. With his thumb, he characteristically measures the Earth in the far distance. He peers out the module window while his communication hose and glove float in weightless space. The hose symbolically forms the figure eight trans-earth trajectory path that Apollo 13 followed to the Moon and back again. The space glove reaches toward the future of exploration; our search for knowledge and new frontiers. Captain Lovell appears to cradle his logbook while encapsulated by the Milky Way Galaxy imbedded in the glass that surrounded him. The Alcove, geometric in form and design, gives a futuristic element and contrasts with the organic nature of man. To the left of the installation are the words of Captain Lovell…“I have seen the Earth as it truly is…A grand oasis in the vastness of space.”


This installation is 12 ½ ‘ high x 8’ wide x 8’ deep. The bronze sculpture of Captain Lovell is 7’ high and weighs approximately 700 lbs.

“Portraiture in our work goes beyond the traditional likeness of a person. It embodies the inner soul, it truly feels alive, and captures the figure in its essence of movement. The soul of a human being is as expansive as the outer universe.” – Julie Rotblatt Amrany


Julie Rotblatt Amrany and Omri Amrany


Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum


Chicago, IL