Neuron Interface

Neuron Interface

Imagine that all of humanity understood that life and inorganic matter in this universe or ‘Multiverse’ is all part of the same organism/mind. There would be a true synergy of nature and human.
Many forms in nature repeat themselves, take the structure of the neuron; its arms mimic branches on a tree. Trees are the largest living organisms on this planet. This interconnectedness metaphorically creates a web of understanding that nothing is separate. Even cosmic plasma has a web-like form within which stars are born; we also use silicon from asteroids to create computer chips.
As neurons within our brains continually fire electrical impulses, the potential of computer/neuron interface is unlimited. Scientists realize that this technology is already helping patients with differing disabilities, whether it is Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, etc. The ability for human thoughts to interface with computer chips via neurons in the brain has enormous potential.


Julie R. Amrany


Julie Rotblatt Amrany


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