Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan – Sports Commission Bronze Statue

“The Spirit” is a 16 ½ foot tall classic bronze monument of Michael Jordan’s spread eagle dunk. This sculpture was commissioned by the Chicago Bulls, with the agreement of Nike, the NBA and Upper Deck.  This piece truly captures the fourth dimension of time in the arts. His spirit flys above all other players, leading the spectator to hope of great ambition. Michael’s body is lighter, with hints of golden at strategic points in the bronze. The solidity of the black granite base, at 5’x5’x5’, emphasizes the hold of ‘earth’ as it were, and prepares the viewer for the great leap of the figure above.



“A local landmark..” – The Chicago Tribune


“…the detail is incredible showing Michael’s muscles and veins in life-like movement and fashion.” – Jerry Reinsdorf, Chicago Bulls Owner


“It’s been going on since the day we erected it” in 1994 said Bulls VP Steve Shanwald. 

“All day long buses stop, people get off and take pictures. It’s a pilgrimage.”


“Jordan’s statuesque presence draws thousands to pregame pilgrimage” – Chicago Tribune


“We undertook a search to find a sculptor that could create a sculpture that would capture the essence of Michael Jordan – the greatest and most spectacular basketball player the world has ever seen. We looked at many sculptors and many designs. The design selected was head and shoulders above the rest, and we think will insure that his legacy, accomplishments, and contributions are never forgotten.” – Steve Shanwald-Bulls news release





Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt Amrany


Chicago Bulls


United Center, Chicago




Larger than life


Jan 1, 1996