Johnny Appleseed


Johnny Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, is memorialized with a bronze sculpture located at the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. Johnny is seated on a bench with a shiny red apple in his outstretched hand. The apple is painted with red acrylic paint, making it stand out against the bronze figure. The statue is designed with an open seat where visitors can sit alongside the American and Fort Wayne icon. A plaque next to the figure reads “‘Making Children Smile’ Johnny Appleseed 1774-1845”.

Gary Tillery was the lead artist on this tribute to Johnny Appleseed, who called Fort Wayne home from the 1830s until his passing in 1845.

You can read more about the statue and the unveiling in a press release from White Lodging.




Gary Tillery


White Lodging


Hampton Inn & Suites, Fort Wayne, IN




6'W x 3'L x 4.5'H


July 18, 2019