Harry Caray – Sports Commission Bronze Statue

Harry Caray, a Chicago legend, stands 12-feet tall in white bronze atop a granite base. The man who infamously coined the term ‘Holy Cow!’ stands in and amongst loyal Chicago Cubs fans and Wrigley Field all in white bronze. After 5 drawings and many negotiations, a decision was made to create Harry Caray as the beloved grandfather of Baseball in Chicago for what he was. This sculpture is named ‘And a one, and a two.. and a three…’ conveying his love for the fans and the game of baseball.


“I think he looks like he’s getting ready to sing ‘Take Me Out To the Ball Game’; the sculptor did a great job.” –Dutchie Caray.



“The structure is as much symbolic as it is realistic.” –The Chicago Vineline




Omri Amrany and Lou Cella


Chicago Cubs


Wrigley Field Chicago, IL


White Bronze and Granite


12'H x 4'W x 5'D