Alex Delvecchio

Alex Delvecchio –  Sports Commission Bronze Statue This 7 ½-foot white bronze sculpture can only be described as the 4th dimensionality of an ice hockey player. It is Alex Delvecchio in motion, scoring a goal with a combination of sticks in repetition and cast glass displaying intensity and movement. This sculpture is located on the Joe […]

Ted Lindsay

Ted Lindsay –  Sports Commission Bronze Statue This 7 ½-foot bronze figurative sculpture is cast in white bronze with glass. On top of a granite base, the off balance position of Detroit Red Wings great Ted Lindsay captures tension in the figure and a powerful moment in time; the 4th dimension of a “one-timer” tip […]

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe – Sports Commission Bronze Statue Gordie Howe, ‘Mr. Hockey’, is imagined in a 7 ½-foot white bronze figurative sculpting montage, as the bronze floats untouched over the granite “ice”. This work of art depicts Howe in the act of shooting. Now one of Detroit’s’ most famous sculptures stands alongside other Red Wing greats Alex […]