Petri Dishes Explode with Color and Vision

Art is everywhere, it seems. For an artist such as Klari Reis, artistic vision can be expressed within a Petri dish as well as any canvas laden creation. Since 2009, Reis has been painting with explosive force on Petri dishes. Using epoxy plastic polymer to create her images, Reis is on a mission to present the world with one of her Petri dish visions every day for the entire year of 2013. She had previously done a dish a day in 2009.

According to, Reis’ art is one of constant experimentation as well as coming to terms with the ever changing nature of her creations. After creating a work, she can return to it at a later date and find that the colors have swirled and migrated presenting an entirely new vision to her vision. This had been in the early days of her craft and she has since discovered the control that heat can bring to what she wishes to see in a finished piece.

She works in layers with the industrial grade plastic epoxy and the application of heat is critical to her finished product. She compares her studio more to a scientist’s lab than an artist’s studio. To affect the outcome of color, she employs hair dryers and blow torches in an effort to lead the color in the direction that she sees it going.

Her work has a remarkable affect on the viewer as one can get lost in the world that Reis projects. A typical show for her can consist of over 100 dishes.

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