One Man’s Quest to Recreate the Sistine Chapel

mexico sistine chapel

For twelve years, sixty-eight year old Don Miguel has been trying to paint an exact replica of the legendary Sistine Chapel in a humble Catholic Christian church in Mexico City. The retired graphic designer received his divine inspiration when he visited Rome a dozen years ago.

Don Miguel became inspired further when he realized that his church and the Sistine Chapel had almost the same type of ceiling and building dimensions. His love for the Catholic Christian faith, and a desire to give back to his church, motivated him to approach his priest and ask if he might make a present of this amazing project.

Miguel recalls that, 500 years ago, the great Michelangelo had plenty of money, plenty of scaffolding and plenty of help. Don Miguel, however, has no such luxuries and has been performing this labor of love for free and utterly alone. He has created fifty foot painted canvases that must be lifted up to the ceilings. Such a project, he laments, will take a crane and three thousand American dollars. There are fourteen “passages” to the masterpiece, of which Don Miguel has thus far completed seven of them.

With an estimated five years to go before completion, Don Miguel refuses to surrender despite suffering broken ribs from falling from his ladder a total of seven times.

Source: ABC News