Omri Amrany

Omri’s Philosophy

“I have entered the third millennium as a mostly self-taught artist. I am grateful to have collaborated with many people around the world in my own quest to develop the highest level of skill possible. In this journey, I have become convinced we think too much about the past and not enough about the future. We have enormous problems to solve and we need a worldview to solve them. We cannot work in isolation. To capture increasing diversity in the present and the future, I like to explore new media, such as electroforming and white bronze, and work with new approaches, like fractal geometry and my own techniques of sculptural montage. This allows me to blend cultures and philosophies, elements and dimensions, all in one piece or a grouping. I like to focus on both the micro and the macro in my pieces, and to always keep an optimistic perspective.”

Biography Highlights

2012Kareem Abdul Jabbar Staples Center/Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

2011Jerry West Staples Center/Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles, CA

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