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A Man with a $1 Billion Art Secret

A quiet man in a tiny apartment in Munich had a $1 billion art secret.  And, until recently, no one had a clue. Cornelius Gurlitt was traveling by train when Bavarian customs officers stopped him.  They found he was traveling with large amounts of cash.  How did this eccentric man, who had neither family nor job, get […]

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Changing Gender Bias in Art

Nearly all of the major New York art museums are featuring white male artists in their main exhibits this fall.  But that is really nothing new.  What is new is that artists are standing up this autumn and telling the world that such gender bias is still here and still unacceptable. Women have been pushed to the […]


Art Becomes More Accessible With Translation

When looking to buy a piece of art, people outside of the art world can feel overwhelmed when they first hear the jargon of artists and galleries.  Is it good when a piece is deemed “accessible”?  Is it a complement to call a painting “honest”?  Is there something better to say than a sculpture is […]

Jackie Chan with "Battle for Harmony" Sculpture

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany Unveils “Battle for Harmony” Sculpture in Bronze to Honor Jackie Chan at the Jackie Chan Film Gallery, Shanghai, China

The artists from The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany are proud to announce the official unveiling of their “Battle for Harmony” sculpture in bronze. This piece is a tribute to world-famous actor Jackie Chan, and is installed at the Jackie Chan Film Gallery in Shanghai, China. The unveiling took place Friday, November 8th on site […]


Art Vandalism Takes a New Perspective

Art is often created with the intention of making the viewer think.  But what if the art piece has been vandalized?  Does the art have less meaning, or does the destruction actually give it increased interest? This is the question that the gallery, Tate Britain, wants you to ask when you visit their latest exhibit.  Titled, […]

african art

African Art: The Next Big Thing

Thoughts that African art is all tribal talismans, wooden masks, and carved statues are quickly becoming a thing of the past as it surges in popularity in a variety of forms. For quite a while, the international art scene has been dominated by the Eurocentric attitude that gives most awareness to European and North American […]


Rockefeller Collection Being Shown all Year

Nelson Rockefeller had been an enthusiast and avid collector of primitive art for most of his life despite the fact that many museums did not take the form all that seriously. Especially the legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Anything pre-Columbian or primitive never received open arms there. Until this year; Beginning […]

willie cole

A Lifetime of Discards Inspires New Jersey Artist’s Work

New Jersey born artist, Willie Cole, has created a lifetime of art from everyday objects that are, generally, discarded. Much of the artists work surrounds the African religion of Yoruba in which certain demigods are worshiped in the hope that the devotee will gain favor with the gods. His most recent creations revolve around discarded […]


Van Gogh Unleashed at the Nation’s Capitol

  The swirls and brilliant colors of Vincent Van Gogh are currently on display at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. It is the first major showing of Van Gogh’s work in nearly two decades. The show was coordinated by the Cleveland Museum of Art and they will present the Van Gogh show in the […]


Artist Reveals Art in Everyday Desserts

  Sarah Anne Ward of New York City has created art pieces using unconventional edible desserts. One of her most favorite inspired dessert works is a seemingly simply recipe for cookie bars done on a simple sheet pan. The finished product is an explosion of color resembling the best work of Jackson Pollack. The professional […]


Halloween Art Exhibit Ongoing for October

Take a spooky break from your life and visit the ongoing Ninth Annual Halloween Art Exhibit currently running through the end of the month. The exhibit is located at the 2007 Mars Gallery located at 1139 West Fulton Market in downtown Chicago. The annual Halloween exhibit has always been dedicated to celebrating the holiday and […]


Warhol’s Mystique Continues as Painting May Bring in $60 Million

The legend and mystique of Andy Warhol continues to dazzle. Coming up on the auction block is his 1962 Coca-Cola poster which experts state could bring in as much as $60 million. The black and white painting stands nearly six feet tall and depicts nothing more than a Coke bottle and the Coca-Cola logo. Yet, […]

fabain oefner

Fusing Science and Art in a Whirlwind of Color

Trying to fuse two widely diverse disciplines may seem a challenge at first, but photographer Fabian Oefner has done it brilliantly. His creations are causing a world wide stir in the art world as the Switzerland-based artist’s creations are a dazzling mix of color and texture. Oefner explains that he sees science as logical and […]

Paige Bradley Expansion

Artist’s Unique Story of Accidental Art

There’s no denying this sculpture is a stunning piece and has been stopping passersby in New York City since 2004. It is known as Expansion and was created by the sculptor Paige Bradley. It remains one of the most remarkable statues to come about in quite some time. Bradley moved to New York City hoping […]

death row art

Death Row Art Raises Eyebrows

A powerful art show going on at Nashville’s Coop Gallery has been gaining attention from spectators. Eleven Death Row inmates at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison have taken part in a unique project which exchanges art work with individuals outside of the prison walls. They have collaborated with art students from the Watkins College of Art […]


Bronwyn Lace Brings Physics and Impermanence to Her Creations

She is based in Johannesburg and is the creator of some of the most startling artwork to be seen in recent years. Her name is Bronwyn Lace and her creations have stirred much debate and wonder. She attempts to bring physics into the mix and many of the pieces she has created end up falling […]

Chicago Artists Month

October Celebrates Chicago Artists Month

The Windy City has geared up for yet another annual celebration of Chicago’s artists. For the eighteenth year, Chicago Artists Month will be celebrated throughout October. According to, the celebration will feature 200+ scheduled events featuring everything from paintings to live performances to a wide variety of exhibitions. Four of Chicago’s neighborhoods will play […]

Drawing America

Drawing America from Memory Experiment Debuts in NYC

Twenty two of America’s most renowned artists were asked to paint or draw the United States of America with nothing to guide them but sheer memory. That was over thirty years ago, back in 1971, and the astounding and varied results will make their debut showing in New York City this month. The results of […]


Recap of Expo Chicago at Navy Pier

Despite having to compete with nearly one hundred other international art shows at this time, Expo Chicago was determined to break any sophomore jinx when it set up shop at Navy Pier in Chicago last weekend. Tony Karman, president of Expo Chicago, has been tirelessly pursuing the art enclaves of the country in an effort […]


Petri Dishes Explode with Color and Vision

Art is everywhere, it seems. For an artist such as Klari Reis, artistic vision can be expressed within a Petri dish as well as any canvas laden creation. Since 2009, Reis has been painting with explosive force on Petri dishes. Using epoxy plastic polymer to create her images, Reis is on a mission to present […]