New Hottest Art Trend

What’s the hottest trend in art today?  It seems that buyers can’t get enough of 20th and 21st century art.

Many records have been broken in recent months when it comes to purchasing prices of various contemporary pieces.  A Norman Rockwell painting sold for $46 million, making it the most expensive American painting ever sold.  The record for a living artist’s work was broken when Jeff Koon’s sculpture, Balloon Dog, was sold for over $58 million.

What does this mean for contemporary artists?  Some experts think that a “new era” is beginning, where demand from wealthy buyers will be especially high.  Many artists are rejoicing in this contemporary art boom.

Of course, it is mostly the very well known pieces and artists who are having tremendous payouts for their work.  However, more unknown artists can benefit from this trend too.

As more people become aware of this contemporary art fascination, the more value all contemporary works will have.  Living artists in this style will receive greater recognition and a better chance of succeeding with their vision.

Certainly, we cannot rely on such speculation though.  Perhaps this “new era” is just a temporary bubble that will burst when another style catches the buyers’ eyes.  But for now, contemporary art is on top.  So, artists can take full advantage of what that means today.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany wishes you all a very happy holidays and a happy new year!


Image courtesy of Charles Rex Arbogast.