New Book Reflects a Love of Children from 40 Great Artists

A new book being published in England features some wonderful paintings of children by some of the most celebrated artists in history. The book is entitled Child Portraits by 40 Great Artists and it is a tender reflection on a parent’s devoted love of their offspring.

Many of the artists have portrayed their own beloved children in many of the pieces. It is a veritable snapshot of history and an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who have gone before us. We realize, however, that they were not so different from many of us. Many parents can relate to the tenderness of many of the paintings.

Included in the book are such legendary masters as Matisse, Pissarro, and Gauguin. For Gauguin, his is The Little Dreamer and portrays a child cuddled on a sofa taking a nap with not a care in the world as Gauguin’s attempt at childhood innocence is deftly captured. For Henri Matisse, his is a unique vision of his daughter, Marguerite, at age eleven. There is a serious reflection to her gaze and she poses politely seemingly lost in the future. The colors are a blending of grey’s, green’s and deep black that seems to allow the portrait to reflect patience and flexibility toward life. Young Marguerite wears a rather determined face reflective of a determined and serious future where she was the caretaker of her younger step brothers as well as her father.

The book is a wonder of color and reflection. It also adroitly captures another time, another essence. Most of all, however, it captures the unconditional love a parent has for their children.

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