New Art Movements Are Given Definition

While art is globalizing, digitalizing, and expanding out of the studio into other disciplines, a new, evolving vocabulary is coming into being.  But as it does, there needs to be a way of standardizing it so that artists, curators, and fans can have a common bank of terms.

Luckily ArtSpeak, a book by Robert Atkins, does just that.  Atkin sorted through the most current art trends to write the original ArtSpeak 25 years ago.  Every few years since then, a new edition of the book has come out, updated with descriptions of the newest growing art movements.  Some movements are decades old, but are only now being defined with concrete terms as the entirety of their paths are finally seen clearly.  Through these new definitions and descriptions, we can see how the art world is growing and changing right before our eyes.

Thirty new movements have been identified and classified in this latest edition of the book, giving details of the who, what, where, and what of each.  It is interesting to think how the descriptions some of these trends, now classified as “AIDS art”, “Space Art”, or “Black Power Art”, will someday occupy the pages of assigned books in “Intro to Art 101” courses around the world.

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Source: Art News