Is Modern Food Art-Worthy?

Long before friends posted their meals on Facebook, artists were showing us what they were eating.  And although it is easy to dismiss a still life of fruit as less interesting than other works, it does give us an almost anthropological glimpse into how society felt about food at the time.

And that is exactly what The Art Institute of Chicago wants you to consider as you examine the pieces of their latest exhibit, “Art and Appetite”.  The galleries are divided by time period with each piece being dedicated to food.  When viewers move through the different eras, the subjects turn from simple fruits, to decadent meats, to modern menus.

The critique that reviewers are repeating is the modest number of modern art pertaining to food.  As advertisements take over idealizing what we eat, it seems that fewer artists feel that it’s necessary to continue the food commentary.

And that seems interesting as our society is really so hung up on the dichotomy of feelings on food.  Our love/hate relationship with food and eating seems like an exciting subject for artists, though there were few examples in the exhibit.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany feels the use of food is a unique expression of creativity and imagination. View our gallery full of unique pieces of art as well.

What do you think of this new art exhibit centered around food?

Image courtesy of Tom Wesselmann.