Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt & Amrany’s Miracle League Sculpture in Michigan Still Captures Hearts Today

miracle league sculpture

Almost a year ago, a young boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan stood at home plate getting ready to take a swing. The pitcher, Tony Comden, threw a pitch and cheered as the line drive hit garnered his son a trip to first base. The West Michigan Miracle League is the reason Jed, Tony, and other players were out on the field that day. Four teams of special needs youth came together and celebrated the opening of the Nate Hurwitz Field, built specially to accommodate them.

The West Michigan Miracle League was created to give that little boy named Jed the opportunity to play the sport he loved, baseball. Jed is a brain cancer survivor who uses a walker and has united a group of people through the love of America’s favorite pastime.  The West Michigan Miracle League was created by Jed’s father, Tony Comden, after he saw the joy playing tee ball gave his son, Jed. The league gives other handicapped children the same opportunity to experience the joy of baseball. A year has passed and children are still swinging big at Nate Hurwitz Field. In fact, fundraising is also currently underway to build a park adjacent to the field as well for even more enjoyment.

Here at Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt & Amrany, we were lucky enough to take a small part in celebrating this amazing organization. Artist Lou Cella took special moments from those games and transformed them all into a single sculpture of a young boy up at bat next to his walker. The Miracle League sculpture was modeled after Jed’s likeness. The life-size statue is on the smaller side, but the impact is big. Next to the sculpture, an inscription reads, “This sculpture is dedicated to the courage, determination, grace, and joy of all children who will play baseball at Nate Hurwitz Field, home of the West Michigan Miracle League.” Cella is a renowned artist who has created some amazing and well-known portrait sculptures like Harry Caray at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Orville Redenbacher in Valparaiso Indiana, and People Interact for McDonald’s 50th Anniversary Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois.

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