Mandela’s Birthday Celebrated with Paint Everywhere

Nelson Mandela, the legendary Nobel Prize winner from South Africa, recently celebrated his 95th birthday. In honor of the occasion, South Africa has simply exploded with color as art and murals have erupted everywhere.

Giant color-soaked murals, posters, and panels have sprung to life around Johannesburg to mark the incredible life of the anti-apartheid leader. For many of the artists, it is the first time they have truly been allowed to express their individual visions. One of the murals, by artist John Adams, shows Mandela’s wizened face as he waves. The continent of Africa rests in the palm of his hand signifying the tremendous influence he has had on the whole of the Dark Continent.

The mural stand 16 feet by 15 feet and the young Adams says that he was inspired to art by Mandela for as long as he can remember. The painting will be on public display for several days at the end of July at Johannesburg’s Coca-Cola Dome.

Another South African artist, Paul Blomkamp, reveals a fourteen-month labor of love. The painting is of Mandela and his bold and smiling face is made up of multi-colored stripes. Blomkamp found his “Mandela inspiration” in his respect for Mandela’s tireless energy and enthusiasm. The painting comes in at 14×14 and was painted in many panels. There is a children’s hospital slated to be built and named after Mandela. Blomkamp hopes his paneled tribute will find a home there.

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Source: Huffington Post