The Man in Black Landmark

The Man in Black landmark will be viewable from two approaching arterial streets and the new pedestrian bridge. The work will rise from the sound hole of the guitar shape that defines the main plaza of the three-acre Legacy Park, collaboratively designed by RRM Design Group and Rotblatt Amrany Studio.

Monumental exterior and interior lighting provides detail to highlight the sculpture in the evening and nighttime, while a poetic tribute to Mr. Cash by the artist will be placed at its base. Mother of Pearl tile mosaic around the sound hole, and Cash’s signature in stainless steel set into paving provide detail to further highlight the art work. Man In Black is surrounded by a grove of Arkansas Black Apple trees, representing his birthplace of Dyess, Arkansas.

Steel bands embedded in the concrete mark the ‘guitar strings’ across the plaza and would incorporate an in-ground lighting system for a dramatic night-time effect.