Magic from a Ballpoint Pen

When you think of ballpoint pens do you think of doodles in the margin of a high school notebook or high art?  Although some tend to put ballpoint pens firmly in the doodle category, according to an article on, many artists are proving them wrong.

Creating art with a pen is certainly nothing new.  Ballpoint pens were first created as an instrument to write on leather in the late 1800’s.  Eventually, fast-drying newspaper ink was inserted and a paper-writing device was created.  From there, it was a short jump into the art world.  In the 1950’s Andy Warhol and Alberto Giocometti incorporated ballpoint pen into their artwork, and many others have used them to sketch.

It wasn’t until the 21st century, though, that creating art with ballpoint pens became so popular.  All around the world, artists are using pens creatively, creating detailed drawings using nothing but a Bic or Pilot.

Using pens to draw can be challenging though.  Finding the right pen can be a challenge.  Each brand has its differences from weight to ink, changing the way the artist works.  Then comes the actual creation of the art.  Often artists complain that the pens stop working unless held at precisely the right angle, or they have repetitive shoulder injuries from the pressure they have to apply. But the works that are created shows that the artists’ struggles are worth it.  With a pen and a little elbow grease, magic can be born. To view some great examples of art creating using only a ballpoint pen, visit

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