Lego Art Festival Debut’s In New York City

lego art

A recent opening of an art exhibition entitled’ The Art of the Brick, has everyone enthralled with the art potential for Lego building bricks. The exhibition is showing at the Discovery Times Square in New York City and features such pieces as daVinci’s Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch’s Screamer. The Mona Lisa is composed of 4,573 tiny bricks.

Denmark based Lego has always been a favorite with many artists and this exhibition offers many the chance to exceed expectations. Another interesting piece on display is by Nathan Sawaya and features a swimmer in mid butterfly stroke. The artists can only use the authorized Lego bricks and only use those colors that Lego bricks come in. It is most unusual and entertaining and there is no mistaking that the artwork has been created with the legendary bricks.

Many other Lego creations include Rodin’s The Thinker as well as Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and a majestic replica of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Each of these pieces contains nearly 2,000 of the Lego bricks.

There are two massive and impressive constructions. An 80, 020 piece dinosaur and a Moai from Easter Island built with 75,450 pieces. Lego’s have become so ingrained in our psyche that it just seems to be a marvel of wonder to glance upon the displays of art. It is an exhibition worthy of everyone’s time.

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