Julia Foundation

The Julia Foundation is an Illinois not for profit corporation that has its 501(c)(3) status before the Internal Revenue Service and is registered as a not for profit public charity. It was formed by Omri Amrany and Julie Amrany in late 2006 and received its charitable designation as a public charity in January of 2007. Initially focusing on sculpture in the area of Fort Sheridan, today the Foundation continues with this project and has expanded to provide art opportunities to those facing trauma and public sculpture.

Mission of The Julia Foundation:

The mission of The Julia Foundation is to provide assistance to those in need while creating awareness of the power of art to heal and inspire. We achieve this mission by bringing art training to disadvantaged people and those suffering from domestic abuse; provide opportunities for aspiring artists; placing art in public spaces to beautify, preserve, and protect open spaces and enhance the environment for generations to come; and funding programs related to this mission.

Current Board Members:

  • Joel N. Goldblatt, President
  • Paul Petricca, Secretary
  • Heather Grove, Member
  • Jess Merten, Member
  • Eric Falberg, Member
  • Brad Slavin, Member