Halloween Art Exhibit Ongoing for October

Take a spooky break from your life and visit the ongoing Ninth Annual Halloween Art Exhibit currently running through the end of the month. The exhibit is located at the 2007 Mars Gallery located at 1139 West Fulton Market in downtown Chicago.

The annual Halloween exhibit has always been dedicated to celebrating the holiday and exploring its history. All of the art is Halloween themed and the exhibit contains works from artists from all over the United States. There are many events planned for the month-long celebration including special visits, children’s events, and even a conference exploring the world of ghosts.

On October 20, the host of the TV show Supernatural Chicago, Neil Tobin, will host an evening of magic and psychic exploration at the Mars Gallery. Also on October 20, the Halloween Art Exhibit will host a children’s program at the Mars Gallery. The festivities begin at2PM and the children will learn all about Halloween and will be able to create some of their own artwork and holiday-themed crafts. More information may be had at

One final Halloween related event will take place from October 26-28 at the Congress Plaza on Michigan Avenue. This event will be the First Annual Ghost Conference and will be sponsored by the Halloween Art Exhibit. There will be a weekend packed with activities and seminars and will include many special guests from historians to folklorists, to psychics, to actual field investigators and ghost hunters. More information can be found at

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