Fusing Science and Art in a Whirlwind of Color

Trying to fuse two widely diverse disciplines may seem a challenge at first, but photographer Fabian Oefner has done it brilliantly. His creations are causing a world wide stir in the art world as the Switzerland-based artist’s creations are a dazzling mix of color and texture.

Oefner explains that he sees science as logical and structured whereas art, for him, is more emotional and more expressive of human nature. His striking mix of swirls and abstract forms has seemingly struck the proper balance. He has shown three specific works that have made use of such phenomena as sound waves and magnetism.

In one creation, he attempts to explain the workings of magnetism through an explosion of color and movement. He took thick oil-based liquid that was infused with metal crystals and spread the concoction over a magnet. The liquid, so thick and feral, cannot blend with water and it immediately forms into a jagged blob. To form the brilliance of color, Oefner simply took water he had colored and spread it out onto the jagged blob. The stunning result was a fusion of art and science like no other.

Another experiment, this one involving sound waves, was his attempt to make sound visible to the eye. He took a small handful of brightly colored crystals and placed them on a piece of tin foil. The tin foil and the crystals then rested on a stereo speaker. When Oefner turned the stereo on, the vibrations form the music caused the crystals to leap and dance around.

In the end, Oefner wants his audience to notice the beauty that constantly surrounds us. He tries to meld the beauty of science and the beauty of art into a visible form that, he hopes, will be appreciated and enjoyed by all. To see the beautiful artwork created right before your eyes, watch the video here.

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