Finding Art in Unlikely Places

Have you ever found a knick-knack or piece of art that you wondered about?  Wondered if it was real, important, or valuable?  Most likely, you dismissed the thought and stuck the object back into storage.  But you never know.

Several people this year unexpectedly found pieces of art that were worth more money than in their wildest dreams.

A woman bought an unusual necklace at a flea market, liking it’s unique and “tribal” look.  She later found out it was made by Alexander Calder and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A man had a painting behind his office door for years which he considered a fake.  Only it was a very real piece by Diego Rivera and worth up to $1 million.

A professor in the U.K. found an old drawing in the cupboard, and decided that she should have someone look at it.  Surprisingly, it was a 17th century drawing by Peter Paul Rubens.

So, when you pull down that dusty old painting from the top shelf of your closet or find an interesting piece at a flea market, really look at it before you toss it away.  It may just be something really special.

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Source: Huffington Post