“Fake” Van Gogh Recently Discovered and Declared Authentic

The painting had been stashed in an attic in Norway since 1908 after being declared a fake. Just this month, however, the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam discovered the legendary artist’s painting, Sunset at Montmajour, in the aforementioned attic. It turns out that the “fake” was actually the original painted by Van Gogh in 1888. It was a memorable event for the museum, and for Van Gogh lovers, for a lost Van Gogh has not been found since 1928.

Van Gogh’s familiar colors and swirls are there and the painting, currently owned by a private collector, will begin a one year showing at the end of September at the museum. Art experts declared the painting to actually be the original piece after an extensive background investigation as well as a complete and thorough inspection of the painting itself.

The work was authenticated during an exhaustive effort lasting two years, Aside from X-rays, the investigators used state of the art technology to determine that the painting was original as chemical means determined that the pigment’s Van Gogh normally used were found in the painting.

There had been a flurry of controversy surrounding the painting especially since it had been declared a forgery. Even the Van GoghMuseum itself stated that the painting was a fake back in 1991. It had resurfaced in the estate of a renowned industrialist in Norway in 1970 but little note had been taken as the family knew of its fake origins and being sent away to the attic in 1908.

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