Explore World History Through Art

What better way to experience history than through art?  Examining pieces from hundreds or thousands of years ago takes you back to that era – the customs, the beliefs, and the people.  We can glimpse at their lives through the artists’ eyes.

If you love seeing history through the eyes of an artist, you’re in luck.  Many art museums are offering shows ripe with old treasures from around the world.  Here are a few that are not to be missed this spring:

Dallas Museum of Art.  If you find yourself in Texas this spring, head to Dallas to catch “Nur: Light in Art and Science from the Islamic World.”  This collection examines how Islamic lands address the theme of light.  From depictions on ceramics to the utilitarianism of sundials, you will see how important light is and the many ways it can be explored artistically.

Detroit Institute of Arts.  If Samurai culture has always intrigued you, head to Detroit to catch “Samurai: Beyond the Sword.”  This show explores the entire scope of the culture, from weapons and armor to tea ceremonies and art.  It will open your mind to who the Samurai was.

Worchester Art Museum.  If you love knights, head to Massachusetts to take in the aptly-named show “Knights!”  This exhibit will showcase objects from warriors not only from the classic medieval Europe, but also from Africa, the Middle East, India, and Ancient Greece.

With so many interesting shows happening this year, start your travel planning now.  History will never be the same. If you plan on visiting the Chicago area, stop over to the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany. We have an impressive gallery full of unique and inspiring pieces of art.