Drawing America from Memory Experiment Debuts in NYC

Twenty two of America’s most renowned artists were asked to paint or draw the United States of America with nothing to guide them but sheer memory. That was over thirty years ago, back in 1971, and the astounding and varied results will make their debut showing in New York City this month.

The results of this artistic experiment was varied, and rather astounding, to say the least. One artist drew an almost exact replica map including all of the states drawn in. Others came in with dim recollections as well as renditions that had nothing to do with drawing a map of the United States. The project was launched back in 1971 by the Japanese artist Hisachika Takahashi when he implored twenty two of America’s premier artists to take on the unusual challenge. One artist’s rendition is simply a drawing of a bank check made out for a ridiculous amount to Takahashi.

Another artist’s rendering was simply two small circles drawn on each side of the paper with the two circles being labeled “Los Angeles” and “New York”. Yet another interesting entry was by the artist Dorothea Rockburne and is a startling geometric pattern of angled blocks laid on top of one another. Within the blocks are the names of the American states. The show is ongoing at the Sean Kelley Gallery in New York City.

To view the drawings, click here.

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Image courtesy of Sean Kelly.