Detroit Robocop Statue Creates Controversy

robocop statue

Detroit is preparing to erect a bronze statue of Robocop and the controversy has begun to fly. The statue is currently in Canada being cobbled together with foam. It will be making its way to the MotorCity where the bronze will be poured.

Robocop is a fictional character from a movie of the same name released back in 1987. The Robocop is half human and half cyborg and was an unstoppable crime fighter. Upon final completion, the statue will be mounted on a base and stand ten feet tall.

The notion for the statue came about a couple of years ago as someone from Massachusetts tweeted the Mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, stating that Robocop would be a “…great ambassador for Detroit” and “…would kick Rocky’s butt”. Mayor Bing politely informed the messenger that they had no immediate plans for a statue that could challenge Philadelphia’s legendary statue of another fictional character, Rocky Balboa.

Of course, the World Wide Web being what it is, and Twitter being what it is, this exchange soon got around and a massive campaign suddenly came to life urging the city of Detroit to build a statue of Robocop. Comments have ranged to excited support for the project to downright derision claiming the statue will bring ridicule to the city.

Many, too, are wondering what Yoda thinks as his statue gazes out upon San Francisco. What do you think? Should Detroit be proud to have a Robocop Statue?