Dance + Art = A Whole New Experience

What happens when you mix ballet dancers and a contemporary visual artist?  Something spectacular.

The New York City Ballet, in a quest to bring more art into their performance space, has teamed up with JR, a New York artist who became famous for pasting over-sized photographs in public spaces.  JR’s vision was to change the way the audience interacted with the dancers by photographing them as part of a piece of art, then pasting those photographs throughout the performance space.  With the dancers’ unique flexibility, JR was able to create such portraits as a gigantic human eye from their bodies and white paper.

This melding of dance and visual art is not new or exclusive to New York.  Here in Chicago, Hubbard Street Dance collaborated with the Art Institute to create “The Echo Effect” in 2011.

The performance series portrayed how art is adapted, interpreted, and transformed over the centuries.  Instead of visual art changing the interpretation of dance like in New York, instead it was dance changing the interpretation of visual art.

However it happens, when different art forms come together, magic occurs.  It opens our eyes to possibilities and aspects that we would not have considered otherwise.  Hopefully, this trend will continue and more art will merge with different creative platforms.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany supports all unique forms of art. We have a gallery of unique art that we are extremely proud of. Our studio artists strive to create beautiful individual pieces.