Chicago’s Loop Unveils Giant Mural

Chicago Loop MuralRecently mounted on the Century Building in downtown Chicago is a 500 square foot mural. The painting depicts a celebratory parade as it meanders its way through scenic downtown Chicago.

The painting was created by Noah MacMillan and is called The Float. It was commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance. The Alliance has dedicated itself to the beautification of the Windy City as well as bringing color and art to Chicago’s open spaces. One of their projects was to dress up the Gateway area with trees, flowers, and tables.

The surrealist painting winds around the Century Building at Adams and State streets. MacMillan, a St. Louis based artist, wanted the giant floats that resemble various types of sea creatures, to appear as if they are swimming through the downtown streets. MacMillan is a surrealist at heart with strong influences from vintage illustration as well as street art. The Chicago Loop Alliance is greatly pleased with the work and its effect. They hoped to combine a theme of people and their relations with the government.

Notably, the Century Building was chosen to display the art as the Century Building is a historic icon in itself. Many critics look at the Century Building as a transition piece from the late 19thcentury Chicago school building type of architectural design to the emergence of the 1920’s Art Deco school.