Chicago Sculpture Exhibit Celebrates Ten Years


The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit is celebrating its tenth year bringing unique and innovative pieces to the public. The Exhibit has displayed hundreds of sculptures over the past decade and the program has featured over sixty artists during that time.

The Exhibit was founded in 2001 by Chicago Alderman Vi Daley. It is a non profit organization that Daley envisioned would help beautify Lincoln Park. The original project launched in 2002 and featured eight unique sculptures. The Exhibit soon doubled in size and as the years progressed it has expanded out to include additional Chicago neighborhoods.

A jury selects which pieces it will feature every spring and there is an annual announcement to artists with regard to submitting their pieces for consideration. The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit survives solely on the donations and contributions of those dedicated to beautifying Chicago and those who simply enjoy great sculpture.

At the conclusion of the season, all of the displayed pieces are available and can be bought for a donation. Admission is always free and the range of vision is simply stunning. It is a project worthy of the greatness of Chicago and the Exhibit knows it can count on the support of the artists and the donors for many years to come.

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