Chicago Bears Founder Immortalized in Soldier Field Monument

george halas tribute

Football season is officially starting again, as is the joy of tailgating and discussing past memories of football stars and great plays.  If you start talking about the history of the Chicago Bears or the greats that have come through the ranks, you would be remiss to leave out the legendary George Halas. He was the one who founded the team back in 1920.  Then called the Decatur Staleys, the soon-to-be Bears had found the coach who would take them through NFL titles and undefeated record-breaking seasons over his 50 years of dedication and commitment to the team.

While he filled the shoes of owner, player, manager, and promoter, he was most at home coaching players and revolutionizing the game.  He was the first to put into practice many commonplace strategies today, such as daily practices, filming opponents’ games for study, scheduling a barnstorming tour, and broadcasting the team’s games on the radio.  His record of 324 coaching wins went unbroken for nearly three decades until Don Shula passed the mark in 1993.  Halas was truly a “Mr. Everything” to the Chicago Bears, as well as to NFL football in general.

While he passed away in 1983 at the age of 88, he will never be forgotten by those who know and love football and Chicago.  To commemorate his incredible achievements, Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt & Amrany created an impressive bas-relief monument for Soldier Field in Chicago.  The 26-foot-tall granite and bronze tribute takes the viewer through a timeline of Halas’ contribution to American football as well as the history of the Chicago Bears. The lines emanating from Halas show his enthusiasm and energy, but are also reminiscent of a clock ticking forward or backward.

While this 11,800-pound granite wall features an 8-foot depiction of Halas, he is not the only Bears star to don the piece.  One famous player from each decade joins him including Red Grange, Sid Luckman, Bill George, Bronco Nagurski, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, and Walter Payton.  The timeline begins with the team in the 1920s and ends with a group of fans from the 1980s, spanning Halas’ entire time being associated with the team.

This great piece of art is a fitting tribute to the great man that started it all and then saw them through to victory time and time again.  And as fans pass by the monument as they find their seats at early games of the season, they can be inspired by the greatness that was George Halas.

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